Owain Glyndŵr

An account of his life and his links with Carmarthen.

The Owain Glyndŵr Society was set up in 1996 with the aim of promoting the name and story of the last Prince of Wales. The year 2000 marked the 600th anniversary of the start of the Glyndŵr uprising against harsh English rule, and the Society unveiled a monument in Machynlleth to commemorate this.

Since then, the Society has continued to promote this important episode in our history at events around the country and through its website and Facebook pages. In recent years it has focussed on Glyndŵr’s story as part of ‘The Age of the Princes’, which it is keen to see included in the new History curriculum in Welsh schools.

The talk will be given by Gareth Jones, a retired schoolteacher who has been the Secretary of the Society since 2014. It will include a summary of the major points in the life and uprising of Owain Glyndŵr, with particular emphasis on his campaigns in Carmarthen and Dyfed.

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