Make Better Use of Your Keyboard

Some of the pages of our website contain lots of information and are therefore very long. It can be time consuming and tedious scrolling through a page to find the content you are looking for. Your computer keyboard has some very powerful keys that are so easy to use and can make searching a document on our website much more effective.

Search a PDF Document
Press and hold “Control” (Ctrl) then press “F” for find. This will open a small search box. Where it appears depends on which browser you use but it’s usually near the top or bottom of the screen. This search box allows you to search for any word anywhere on the page. Type into the search box the name of a place or a person. The number of occurrences is displayed and the first occurrence is highlighted. The Press “next” in the search box for each subsequent occurrence.
To finish searching select the X alongside the search box and it will close. Log in before you start a search so that you can view the article of interest if it’s only accessible by members, otherwise you have to close the search box, log in, and start the search again.

Page Up & Page Down
Your computer displays one section of a long list. Pressing “Page Down” displays the next section of the list, which is out of sight at the bottom of your screen. This is an excellent way of browsing. Pressing “Page Up” moves your viewing area up the list. With these two keys you can browse up and down the list until you find what you are looking for. This is particularly useful when you are reading a text such as the archived journals.

Home & End
Pressing Home takes you to the top of a list. Pressing End takes you to the last entry at bottom of the list. This is particularly useful if you are browsing and you know the item is likely to be near the end. Press “End” and then browse upwards. Pressing Home is also the easiest way to return to the menus at the top of the page to move to another page.

Page Up, Page Down, Home and End will not work while the search box is in use.

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