Making Best Use of Our Website

Our website is not simply to promote the Society and increase our membership. As a contribution to our stated aim to promote the study of genealogy, heraldry, family history and local history within and relating to Dyfed, our website is a means to sharing information among the public and our members.

Our aim is to create a unique collection of information about the three counties of Dyfed.
Members of the public can discover much from our new website but members of the Society have access to a range of additional information.

Selecting the heading “Resources” on our website reveals a menu of information that relates to all three counties.

The Journal Archive
The journal archive is now complete and contains all journals published since 1982. This provides a large source of information that has been indexed by names of people and places as well as other key words. The index is available to the public and copies of our journal can be found in many libraries and record offices. Members of the Society can read the journals on line.

The Index of Research Interests
This a list of almost 2000 people that in some way form part of the research of other members who are prepared to share their knowledge. Members who are logged in can obtain the email address associated with each entry. Non-members can search the list but cannot obtain the contact details.

The Strays Database
This is a list of more than 7000 people who were born in Dyfed but have been found elsewhere in census returns, marriages, deaths, newspaper articles etc. These have been discovered during research and recorded as a stray. Many strays are found incidental to other research.

Dyfed Alumni Oxonienses 1715 - 1886
This is a list of around 2300 people from Dyfed who entered Oxford University between 1715 and 1886. Each entry gives the name of the student, his age, and the name and residence of his father at the time of the child’s birth.

Pigot’s Directory for South Wales, 1830: Dyfed Entries
This is a list of more than 4000 names mentioned in the 1830 Pigot’s Direc- tory for South Wales. Each entry is a name together with the town and the reason why they were in the directory. Most also have an address.

The 1851 Census for the main towns
This is a full alphabetical index to the 1851 census of Cardigan, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Llanelli and Pembroke.

The Dyfed Database
Under the headings of the three counties Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire is a list of information specific to each county. Most items in the list are self explanatory but “Index to place & parish information” is a new feature.

Almost every place in each of the counties is listed. For each place the list shows its parish, hundred, OS grid Reference, registration district and a link to GENUKI where there is more about that place. The parish is the key to our data-base. Select parish to display information in a series of categories.

The categories are Churches & Chapels, Schools, Farms, People, Postcards and War Memorials.

Some parishes contain lots of information but not all of it is accurate. Other parishes are not so well described.

This structure is ideal for displaying information about Dyfed and it is interactive. Members can contribute information they have about a place they know well.

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